Lunch Sketches week 1

So I've decided to start doing at least one sketch during lunch, Whether its a study or just having fun. Here we go. Let's see how long this lasts.


  1. Hey, my name's Jonathan, from Israel
    These sketches look almost effortless, and if you've done three of them over an hour's worth of lunch, I guess for you they kinda were effortless.
    The red cloak thing reminds me a bit of Tarsem Sing's film "The Cell".
    P.S.: your comment system only allows me to use profiles I do not have so, here's my actual blog address:
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. awesone works!!

    I love the atmosphere.

  3. Love the first one! How did you get that blur/refraction effect? I've seen it in your other works and it just adds so much focus to the piece :)

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments! And yes the second one was inspired by the CELL! and Anto you are weird looking!!!! OHHHH :)

  5. Wow, these are amazing lunch time sketches. Your work is so inspiring!!! Thanks for all the posts.

  6. To put it bluntly, fucking incredible.