First Sketch towards final

Hey guys,
So here we go! I'm going to start on my final! heres a bit of it right now. I've decided to expand the size more, or rather the scale of this dude bigger. Something along the lines of my original thumbs. well see how it comes out. thanks for the support
Please give me good Feed back! PLEASE!

things Im going to address later are:
Colors, Materials, and anatomy.

So keep the feedback something along the lines of Idea and what else can be put into this thing to make it EPIC!


  1. One word man: WICKED!

    Like the concept allot. The whole lower shape looks like a organic, bony, insectoid throne (if I can let my imaginations go wild here).

    I look forward for the final painting. It will rock, that´s for sure.

  2. AJ I love it so far~ he looks quite grotesque!

    I can't give very much feedback, but maybe composition wise, it looks like he fits too easily into a box, and the straight line at the top you can draw along the wing looking things, maybe extend the top a bit to be less of a square image. hope that was good enough feed back~!

  3. Great idea! kelli! I actually was going to do stretch the canvas a bit more, but I'm really limited to the Dominance war dimensions. then the comment about the wings, is a great idea and will be implemented immediately :D thanks for the feed back its very welcomed!

  4. In fact, i think i can do better :) bigger and badder piece! Well see whats up!

  5. It always feels weird critting people who are so clearly better than me, but since you asked, here goes nothing:

    I agree that anytime you can set up a composition where the subject matter gets cropped by the frame of the image, it implies a lot more scale: i.e. an image of a building that extends beyond the canvas feels taller than one perfectly contained within the canvas.

    This could be completely subjective, but I think what I liked a lot about some of your earlier sketches was the sense of movement and "animation" to the pose of your character. Right now, while still feeling plenty dangerous, he/it seems a bit more poised and majestic (which could totally be what you're going for?) like a Thai Buddha or a depiction of the Hindu goddess Kali as opposed to the sort of "hey bitch, I sit on a throne of dead babies" attitude I was getting from some of the earlier sketches.

    I'm sure you know this, but throwing in an element of something familiar the viewer can relate to can really help sell scale. Maybe hes holding something human-scale?

    I also liked some of the foreground shapes you had overlapping in some of your earlier ideation: it really helped sell the depth and epic scope of what you're trying to portray.

    Hope this helps a little bit. Take it all with a grain of salt: I may have no idea what I'm talking about. ;)

    Can't wait to see where it goes!

    Best, -Zach