I'm a fan of Michael Bay. (BLASPHEMY!!!) It has come to my attention that he has been the highlight of nostalgic hate. From Transformers to "Ninja Turtles." I get it. I do. 

But there comes a day where I think people's nostalgia become more of "Back in my day..." Instead of realizing the things they loved as a kid are changing. Along with everything else. My kid's love the new Transformers just as I loved the old boxy crude animated show by the same name. It's transforming robots for god sake. And this hate towards the Ninja Turtles remake is pretty funny to me. I mean... Teenage... Mutant... are we really fighting for that? Or people just hating on Bay. I don't know.

Personally Bay has given me some of my favorite action movies; The Rock, The Island, Bad Boys 2, Transformers.

So here's to the alien Ninja Turtles. :) A movie that will most likely never be made. But we could dream how kick ass it could have been, just as much as it could have sucked. We will never know!


  1. Thats F*@^kin fresh man!!!!! Some tiger sharks action would be dope to see...ah yes the underwater thundercats! lol