More Demon monster dudes

Here is another study that I did with designing to color. Practicing both my skill and my ability to design on the fly. As a concept artist it is important to never let your imagination be constrained by rules and formulas. Its better to apply rules and formulas after you have drained your creative juices onto your canvas.

1. I do a gray scale drawing to establish a design that I like.
2. This part I apply colors to describe the possible subsurface scattering found underneath flesh.
3. I apply a skin tone that I feel works best.
4. This is basically detailing and refining the overall design.
5. Final touches and I decided to give him a costume because he was too naked! Anyway, This is my general process for painting.

As for designing you have to watch me paint! or I'll have to do a long write up about subconscious and conscious designing and painting. Anyways :D Enjoy yall!


  1. Pretty cool Anthony! I'd already be proud of myself if I could do such a gray scale :D Keep it up!


    PS: How does that thing eat? :P

  2. Thanks for the info! I need to paint demons now!

  3. Thanks for sharing AJ. This one goes into my archives. ;)

  4. i love your designs! looks like you're pretty handy with ms paint too.