Infected Zealot

Infected Zealot-

Possibly the Queen or a Defiler type unit can infest a Zealot and make them a very useful weapon against different enemies. The Zealot gets taken over and becomes a walking time bomb! One of their arms grows and contains flammable gasses that will explode and will infect anything within its blast radius. This soon will make anyone easily ignitable, and opening the opportunity for any remaining infected Zealot the chance to ignite the flammable enemy units, using his fire blade.

Pros- A great area of effect unit if bombarded by a strong mid-game zealot rush. Also if you have any remaining Infected Zealots, would make great opportunity for drops on resources or a quick way to set a base on fire.

Cons- The zealot actually is more zombie like so they don't move as fast as they once did, especially with the weight of their poisonous arm. The Infected Zealot slowly dies, and if he has been combat free, he will have a shell life of 5 minutes till he will completely burst into flames (this act of automatic death wont cause any units to be poisoned, you just lose the zealot)

Thanks for reading and taking the time to look over my post!

ps im still painting on this bad boy!


  1. I dig the time in writing you put behind the concept. The head is a great focus point, it reads Blizzard like no ones business. Remember the infected marines how they still had some of their armor on? Maybe a little bit of shredded armor still clinging around and some Zerg like traits.

  2. dude thats awesome, who told you to make the infected arm all big and grotesque?

  3. sweet...except no protoss can get infested... :) but artwork is niceeeeeee