Demo the demon

Here is a demo i did for class on taking a valued sketch to color here are some of the passes :D

1st one is the value sketch, in this stage I try to find something worth rendering lol
2nd one is the base color, if this was traditional it would be the wash right before you start adding other colors like the burnt sienna overlay :)
3rd is when i start adding my secondary colors and values, pretend its like water colors! :D
4rth is when i start adding detail this part is fun, and tedious at the same time.
5th is as far as i took it in the class, but honestly the most important stages are the first ones.Because now I'm just noodling ;) hope it makes sense and if it doesn't, haha too bad! go practice and learn your own method that works best for you! :D


  1. lol, i love the expression you left him with... kinda looks like he ahs to take a dump, amazing rendering man.

  2. Hey AJ!! great work man...! awesome demo =)

  3. If he bends his head, won't his horns poke himself?