Tank Thumbs

Here is some thumbs for tank ideas right now. I'm still in the process of developing a good solid story for this first take at my project, but I'd like to hear some feed back on what is imagined from looking at some of these thumbs. Basically which ones you like and why :)


  1. 3 & 7 are dope. They have the most forward motion. Where's the car? haha

  2. im voting for 5, a hover tank, feels sturdy and armored. i would like to see 1 and 2 mixed in to 5, specially the dual muzzles from 1(can put a man on each and the third their driver). 5 is a good design because it doesn't break off the silhouette too much with a lot of small pieces that will prolly just break-off when they get hit. just fix the base of the muzzle because it feels like it can snap off. 3 has a cool base shape too.

    on the side, i really like 10 for the design, but i dont think it fits the 3man tank idea, i thought id point that out. feels like it can be crammed in there with 3 ppl.