Tank Sketches

Here are some tank sketches I've started to do for my concept using marker and pen (love traditional). I'm going to start designing the Characters that will ride these beasts and continuously go back and forth through their designs. Changing each to suit one another. What you think?


  1. its def a good idea to design your characters early on in this stage. this way, their designs are consistent with each other, prolly preaching to the choir.

    anyways, some of these tanks feel metalslug inspired :) intentional or not. depending on the style you're taking them they're different from your initial silhouettes. top right-most muzzle i like best. u should also vary the length of the muzzles and thickness (like on top mid).

  2. Word! I found that my initial thumbs seemed like the normal tank designs we would normally see. so i went with a bit more metal sluggish feel indeed! I love that style and i don't think it's explored enough outside of metal slug! I think i will change it dramatically when i start doing my characters, and i definitely will change the sizes of the muzzles to find some more variety :D thanks for the feedback much appreciated!